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Chef Scott Brayer - aka: Mr. Pasta

Chef ‘Scotty’ first started cooking in commercial kitchens in 1965. Over the years he has studied Italian, French, and American cuisine under several world renowned chefs. He has owned and operated four of his own restaurants including a 4-star Italian restaurant and two World Pasta Houses. His creation of original sauces and ‘fusion’ dishes, as well as his critical acclaim, has earned him the nickname, ‘Mr. Pasta’ and made his name and distinct food recognizable through much of Southern Arizona and the Southwest where he lives.

A competitor in the Iron Chef competition, his unique Southwest Spice, a mix/rub, which he created over twenty years ago, is a hallmark of taste for many of his original dishes. Its ability to"‘wake up’ and enhance flavor is now available for the first time through the pages of lasagnaandmorebymail.com to you for use in your own great dishes at home. A few sprinkles and your dish will make your taste buds come alive. Try Southwest Spice just once and you’ll want it as a regular component for your spice rack.

Our Food - All Natural - Pesticide Free - No Salt or Sugar

The ingredients we use at Lasagna and More to make our products are hand picked by Chef Scotty.

The ground sirloin and Italian sweet sausage, with a hint of fennel, that the Chef selects comes from a family owned local butcher, Dickman’s Meats. They are all natural, free range grass and corn fed, and ground fresh just for Lasagna and More. No salt or processed sugar is added to our products.

The vegetables Chef Scotty uses are organic and/or pesticide free. Our cheeses, pastas, herbs, and spices are the highest quality.

Chef Scotty’s own recipes for Marinara and other sauces call for the exclusive use of San Marzano tomatoes and a little known but fantastic tomato, grown locally at the organic and pesticide free Markley Farms. The chef and his staff blend these local/regional ingredients by hand before they package your meals and then freeze them immediately to lock in freshness.

Our Company

Chef Scott Brayer started Lasagna and More LLC with the idea that the award-winning meals and gourmet products so many have enjoyed for years from his commercial kitchens could be made from local/regional, all natural ingredients and placed in your home to be enjoyed by you, your family, and your friends as easily as if you had come to the Chefs home for dinner.

Available Online - Southern Arizona Farmers Markets - Selected Stores

Available by Fed Ex, or directly at local Southern Arizona Farmers Markets, and now in selected stores, these fine Italian foods and sauces come to you as ‘Take-n-Bakes’ that rival the best you’ve ever tasted.

Give us a try and see if you don’t agree. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you like what you have purchased, let Chef Scotty and his associates know via our contact page. If we use your testimony, we'll send you a gift of appreciation.

Chef Scotty of Lasagna and More by Mail


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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