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Great Italian food offers the comfort of a favorite pillow. The King of Italian meals could very well be Lasagna.Chef Scotty from Lasagna and More by Mail

Renowned Chef Scott Brayer is making his award-winning, lasagnas and other Epicurean delights available directly to you through online orders and the convenience of mail delivery.

For forty years, Chef Scotty has been cooking and perfecting his recipes. Known by many as "Mr. Pasta," his traditional as well as unique Italian, French, and American ethnic dishes have pleased tens of thousands with their fusion of flavor, originality, and delicious mouth watering satisfaction.

As you browse the pages of Lasagna and More by Mail, you may rest assured that the quality of the products you order and the ingredients from which they are made are second to none.

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Services by Kabob DesignOrder online to enjoy your award-winning meals by Chef Scotty to enjoy it in the pleasures of your own surroundings.

Ms. Carla Bennelli says:

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! A true delight with the different textures and tastes... Loved the way the zucchini and spinach turned out and the juicy tomatoes were quite yummy and this from a person who doesn't normally get THAT excited about food. Was perfect, Scott, just perfect.   :)))"

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When you use Lasagna and More by Mail, it’s three easy steps to a great meal.

1.  Thaw your product selection.

2. Read and follow directions to bake or microwave.

3. Have a great meal





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